WiM Virginia Recognition Programs

The WiM Virginia Leadership Council is committed to making recognition a top priority. We are committed to creating a culture focused on recognizing women for the outstanding contributions they make to our industry.

2022 VMA Gala

Outstanding Leader Program

The WiM Virginia Outstanding Leader Award has been established to recognize the investment of each member’s time and contribution to supporting and advancing the mission of the WiM Virginia Chapter. The program is open to all female WiM Virginia members and is based upon a member completing 30 leadership points in a calendar year. Leadership points are awarded to members that perform activities that support our mission in four key areas: Professional Development, Events & Community Engagement, Mentoring, and Strategic Partnerships & Youth Outreach.

For example:

  • Participate in a MFG Day Activity = 1 point
  • Attend a WiM Virginia Chapter Event or Pillar Meeting = 1 point
  • Volunteer/Judge at a WiM MSI Advanced Technology Summer Camp = 1 point
  • Recruit new female employee to company = 1 point
  • Participate in Peer-to-Peer Mentoring = 1 point each hour
  • Participate in a Youth Mentoring session = 1 point each hour

All members who achieve 30 or more points will be awarded the WiM Virginia Outstanding Leader Certificate, and recognized at the annual WiM-Virginia Leadership Conference. A member’s progress towards achieving 30 or more points will be tracked using the WiM Virginia Engagement Tracker. The calendar year will run from November 1st to September 30th.

Woman of the Year Award

The WiM Virginia “Woman of the Year” Award will be given to the member that demonstrates the highest total points scored in the WiM Virginia Outstanding Leader Program. Highest point winners in each pillar will also receive an “Outstanding Pillar Performance Award”. The awards will be presented annually at the annual VMA Awards and Recognition Gala.

Distinguished Achievement Award

A WiM Virginia Distinguished Achievement Award may be awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry and advancing the mission of the WiM organization. This recognition will be awarded by the WiM-Virginia Leadership Council at their discretion. Nominations can be submitted by individual and corporate members for consideration by the council.

Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame

The Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame honors women who have made outstanding contributions during the course of their established careers in manufacturing. Recipients include women who are dedicated to supporting, promoting, and inspiring women in the manufacturing industry, based on one or more criteria. Women in Manufacturing’s Hall of Fame inductees were officially announced during the annual Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame Inductions Celebration.  Program details and nomination criteria is available at https://www.womeninmanufacturing.org/women-in-manufacturing-hall-of-fame.