Women In Manufacturing Spotlight: AdvanSix featuring Adair Maynard

Women in Manufacturing sat down with Adair Maynard of AdvanSix! 

In an industry historically dominated by men, AdvanSix is breaking barriers and championing diversity with its steadfast commitment to supporting women in manufacturing. With a clear vision for inclusivity and a dedication to providing equal opportunities, the company is paving the way for women to thrive in this dynamic sector.

AdvanSix believes that diversity drives innovation, and actively fosters an inclusive workplace where women can excel. Through mentorship programs, leadership development initiatives, and tailored training opportunities, the company empowers women to reach their full potential in every aspect of manufacturing.

The company’s leadership team, led by a visionary female CEO, Erin Kane, is passionate about promoting female leadership within AdvanSix. Through targeted recruitment efforts and a dedication to closing the gender gap, they’ve created an environment where women can rise through the ranks and take on influential roles in the organization.


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